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Alexandra Paperno: «Ruin is the space, where past never ends»
ArtGuide. 09.12.2019
Author: Ekaterina Inozemceva
Alfabank presents Alexandra Paperno's exhibition "Self love among the ruins"
Alfabank. 25.09.2018
Alexandra Paperno shows "Self love among the ruins"
Art Newspaper Russia. 12.11.2018
That's my city: artist Alexandra Paperno
Moskvich Mag. 03.12.2018
Author: Anastasiya Barysheva
«What a bizard title…»
Around Art. 17.09.2015
Author: Olga Turchina
Observatory as a gallery
Self-Portraits and Polka Dots: New Paintings by Alexandra Paperno – By Marek Bartelik
Author: Marek Bartelik
Russia’s Oldest Observatory Plays Host to Art Show on the Unknown
artnet news
Author: Hili Perlson
At a Remote Russian Observatory, Contemporary Art Invokes the Wonder of Stargazing
Author: Arie Amaya-Akkermans
Time After Labor. The 4th Ural Industrial Biennial
Author: Arie Amaya-Akkermans
Ruins lie
Smart Art
Author: Ivan Chechot
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