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Notional flamingo
Artterritory. 26.02.2021
Author: Valentin Dyakonov
Russian Art Focus. 01.02.2021
Author: Ekaterina Wagner
Studio Studies
special project of curatorial forum . 11.11.2020
Author: Anna Zavediy
5 young visual artists who change the city and our views of the art
Sobaka.ru №217, February 2019. 14.03.2019
Meet: young Petersburg artist you need to follow (and better collect)
Sobaka.ru №219, April 2019. 11.04.2019
Author: Alexandra Generalova
Young Petersburg visual artists will be shown at the three floors of «Stepan Razin» factory
Sobaka.ru. 23.04.2019
Author: Alexandra Generalova
Liza Bobkova: «Love metal, dry flowers»
Masters Journal. 01.02.2019
Author: Pavel Gerasimenko
Week openings: May 4-15
Aroundart Journal of contemporary art. 16.05.2016
Oscillation Period_Liza Bobkova
CCA Vinzavod. 11.05.2016
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