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On alienation: 7 Russian artists explore the relationship between our bodies and technology
The Calvert Journal. 17.12.2020
Author: Maria Muzdybaeva
Digital diaries, memes, and me-time: 11 young Russian artists ponder over post-Covid-19 rituals
The Calvert Journal. 14.12.2020
Author: Paula Erizanu
5 projects from Moscow’s International Biennale for Young Art that capture the zeitgeist of 2020
The Calvert Journal. 04.11.2020
Author: Maria Muzdybaeva
Nikita Seleznev, Karate Poetry, Myth Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
Forbes. 26.02.2020
Author: Clayton Press
Meet: young Petersburg artist you need to follow (and better collect)
Sobaka.ru №219, April 2019. 11.04.2019
Author: Alexandra Generalova
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