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Vadim Mikhailov was born in 1979 in Gornozovodsk, Perm region (Russia), lives and works in St.Petersburg. He is a member of the group North-7.


Solo exhibitions:

2020 Waste Lands in the East, MYTH Gallery, St.Petersburg

2019 In search of sacred teeth, Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben, St.Petersburg

2018 Material fatigue, together with Vera Svetlova, KunstVitrina, St.Petersburg

2017 Dreams about dangerous things, Freud's Dream museum, St.Petersburg

2016 In black, Navicula Artis, St.Petersburg

2016 Battlefield, Lampa Studio, St.Petersburg

2015 Genesis, 25/17 Gallery, Perm

2014 Busted, Central Exhibition Hall, Perm

2013 Flowers & Bullets, Central Exhibition Hall, Perm

2012 I Still Hear Your Echo, Central Exhibition Hall, Perm


Group exhibitions:

2020 Nevsky express, Art4, Moscow

2019 Online/Offline, DK Gromov, St.Petersburg

2019 SUMMER CAMP (together with North-7), Anna Nova Gallery, St.Petersburg

2019 Горизонт-19 (together with North-7), Новый Музей, St.Petersburg

2019 ICH BIN ALLEIN, Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben, St.Petersburg

2019 Passage, DK Gromov, St.Petersburg

2018 St. Dogville (together with North-7), Sevkabel Port, St.Petersburg

2018 The School of Active Drawing and Performative Posing (SADPP-7) (together with North-7), Ovcharenko Gallery, Moscow

2018 Vanguard which didn't exist, Perm State Art Gallery, Perm

2018 Perm-3, PERMM, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm

2016 Forms of the Invisible. Exhibition of new Perm art, curator Petr Belyi, Winzavod, Moscow

2010 A Particle Project, Lokal Harmonie, DU-Ruhrort, Duisburg, Germany

2010 A Particle Project, Hattyuhaz Gallery, Pecs, Hungary



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