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Alina Glazoun and Lyudmila Baronina at the exhibition it the Agency Art.Ru

17.03.2023 – 28.04.2023

Venue: Agency Art.Ru. Ozerkovskaya emb, 26, Moscow

Curator: Yulia Annenkova, Eva Vishnevskaya

Participants: Lyudmila Baronina, Alina Glazoun

The group project "No Man's Land" is an attempt to reflect collectively the new conditions in which the art environment, culture and society found themselves. In a situation where the peace is lost and the usual local connections are destroyed, we can only build a new space with new structures and communities. Artists' reflections are devoted to this definition of the territory of survival.

Alina Glazoun created a work based on a German carpet of the late 1950s, which is supplemented with crystal pendants and the characteristic inscription "present" (настоящее). The present is just a tangle with which heavenly kittens play in the Garden of Eden.

Lyudmila Baronina is represented at the exhibition by three objects - an installation made of textiles and ceramic painted urns "Garden of Eternal Memory". For the artist, these objects are associated with a house for the body, which stores it after death. So you can touch the memories of the body physically, but most importantly, return your thoughts to its owner.

Photo: Agency. Art Ru, MYTH Gallery

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