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Anna Afonina at the exhibition about magic

07.06.2023 – 07.06.2023

Venue: Voskhod Gallery (on line)

Curator: Alexander Burenkov

Participants: Anna Afonina

In September, Voskod gallery opened the group online exhibition "Re-enchanted", in which Anna Afonina participates.

The time of lockdown was not only a 'back to reality' period but also the time of manifestation of magical powers and inexplicable irrational phenomena. Conspiracy theories, new mysticism, fascination with fortune-telling, astrology and other new spiritual practices brought to life by contemporary techno culture have become new means for escapism in our re-enchanted reality.

The role of art in a situation between the global crisis, is to reinvent the world, forming new rules of the post-Covidian world with its new normality. But does it have the potential for construction of the worlds, and is it capable of proposing scenarios for overcoming the crisis?

The painting by Anna Afonina is inspired by visuals of the machine vision - the part of new technologies that were aimed to uncast the world, but are doing the opposite. "I'm interested to express this phenomena in some visuals or stains that resembles spores, or mold. Their nature is very magic in my view"

To visit the online exhibition - use the link.

Anna Afonina. Self Portrait with boyfriend. 2021. Oil on canvas. 150x120 cm.

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