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"Art Fauna" at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

22.09.2022 – 04.12.2022

Venue: Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Kuznetsky Most str., 21/5

Participants: Alina Glazoun, Katya Isaeva

Alina Glazoun and Katya Isaeva participate in a group project created in partnership with the Moscow Zoo. The exhibition "Art Fauna" looks to reinvent the role of animals in art and include them in the biodiversity support and conservation programme.

The project in Ekaterina Cultural Foundation is a metaphorical menagerie where animals are united by species, and the exhibition space becomes their habitat.

Among the objects you can find "Chess" and "Chimpanzee Emotions" by Katya Isaeva from her project "Gorilla in Rage" and Alina Glazoun's diptych "Goat" and "Bunny".


Photo: Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

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