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You have no idea. Alina Glazoun

06.07.2023 – 10.08.2023

Venue: Masters Bookstore. St. Petersburg, Barochnaya str., 6, p. 1

Participants: Alina Glazoun

On July 6, Alina Glazoun's pop-up project "You have no idea", prepared by MYTH Gallery, opened in the Masters Bookstore space.

The exhibition combines the recent works of the artist with the theme of summer travel. Landscape, Light, Cornflower, Memory, Field – the circle of subjects that appear in these objects. Working with texts is one of the key vectors of Alina's artistic practice. She turns found phrases into ready-made, uses a children's magnetic alphabet and chips from the game Scrabble, provoking numerous connotations of phrases and enhancing the effect of polyvalence of meanings. Getting into its objects and installations, words are freed from their fixed meaning and open the way to all spectator associations, prompting the viewer to build his personal story of the "journey".

Photo: Sergey Misenko

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