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Egor Fedorychev. Act II. Hylea.

23.03.2023 – 26.05.2023

Participants: Egor Fedorychev

On March 23 MYTH Gallery will present Egor Fedorychev's personal exhibition "Act II. Hylea"

In Egor Fedorichev's abstractions, one can feel the heaviness of the Bolshoi Theater curtain and the impassability of the Amazon jungle. His works resemble a head-on collision with chaos which captures the viewer and plunges into a state of light trance.

In the era of prohibitions, only those who enforce the rules can be shown. This time the artist brings to the foreground the protagonist, a conditional general, similar to a number of historical figures from the recent history of Latin America. Its generalized features can be seen through a dense grid of crossstrokes, either a dry forest, or a mesh-netting.

The exhibition action takes place in the "oil forest" – a resource jungle. Bitumen, characteristic material of the artist, is used here symbolically, as a derivative of the fuel of modern history. In some works, bitumen flows upwards from the bottom like an oil field while in others it flows downwards unrestrainedly and festively. New paintings and installations are deserted and solemn, they are like fountains of eternal power.

"The myth of oil is comparable in strength to the myth of blood, no less demanding liquid. "Blood is our comrade, and if it ordered, lie" wrote the Leningrad poet Sergei Stratanovsky in his poem "Bagritsky" in 1977, reflecting on the legacy of the singers of the October Revolution. So Fedorychev writes not a figure and not a background, not abstraction and not specifics, but a binder, trying to break through to the deep architectonics of modernity."
Valentin Dyakonov

The exhibition is implemented with the support of "Petersburg-Concert" organisation.

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