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Focus: Collector

30.05.2024 – 30.06.2024

Participants: Anna Afonina, Lyudmila Baronina, Liza Bobkova, Egor Fedorichev, Alina Glazoun, Katya Isaeva, Petr Kirusha, Vadim Mikhailov, Ulyana Podkorytova, Aleksander Sedelnikov, Nikita Seleznev

In May, MYTH Gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary and opens the group exhibition project «Focus: Collector». The exhibition will feature works from private collections that were not displayed in the gallery space. Galleries and collections are inextricably linked and the exhibition once again highlights the important role of collecting for the contemporary art sphere.

The gallery’s activities are not limited to the creation of exhibitions. Many work processes, such as building long-term friendships with collectors, are hidden from the general public. The result of this personal interaction is the purchase of works directly into the collection, bypassing the stage of exposure. The exhibition «Focus: collector» will show these works in two spaces: in the classic white cube MYTH Gallery and in the interiors of the House of Kochneva, where the cultural institution «Petersburg-concert» is now located.

Photo: Ivan Sorokin

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