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Hold your breath and count to five

13.11.2019 – 13.03.2020

Venue: Сад Бенуа, Санкт-Петербург

Liza Bobkova’s sculpture “Hold your breath and count to five” will be one of the several components of the project “Winter Garden” that opens in the Benua Garden.

Liza Bobkova, the artist:

The spheres are the image of the planet – the world. Putting them inside the everyday space, I propose to abandon the fear of the “big unknown” and feel that we are the arbiters of our destinies. To hold the world in hands, to multiply it on balls, to scroll options and different decisions – are the actions on the fight against the fear which very often takes our courage to make what we dreamed of for a long time. Reducing the image of our planet to 1 meter in diameter, we can feel that we are capable of more. 

The image of the sphere originally contains the constant movement, the rotation – counting time, multiple variabilities – as a variety of opinions and life paths, that is, we can make any desired decision, boldly and without fear. 

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