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Calendar. Lyudmila Baronina

28.07.2023 – 10.09.2023

Venue: The Hussars bar. Saint Petersburg, Fontanka River embankment, 40

Participants: Lyudmila Baronina

Lyudmila Baronina's "Calendar" project continues a series of joint exhibitions of the MYTH Gallery and the Hussars Bar. The first exhibition in the space on the Fontanka Embankment was the exposition of Vadim Mikhailov in November 2022.

The pop-up exhibition of Lumila Baronina presents for the first time a series of engravings of the same name, which has not been fully exhibited before. This series presents 12 variations of the ends of the world, where every month of 2022 the artist lived her own apocalypse and, starting from the events that took place, created one of the linocuts. In the calendar, you can meet the existential end of the world, the January feast with gluttony, revived information flows and a separate world in the grocery store. This project is like a diary, where the days experienced are recorded in order to reread them and try to find life again.

After the completion of the group exhibition "Focus. Graphics", held in the space of the MYTH gallery, Lyudmila Baronina's work "The Incident in the Bar" will complement the exposition in the Hussars. In this textile object, fairy-tale characters (including an adult version of Alice in Wonderland) find themselves in a magically real bar, becoming the protagonists of scenes of decline and destructiveness, horror and fun inherent in the artist's works.

Both in the series of linocuts and in the work on fabric, humor is a flip of thought into the void, irony over the incompleteness and plainness of life, over the impossibility of either changing this world or seeing it.

Photo: Dmitriy Mnogolet

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