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Little bird sings about love and death

15.11.2019 – 27.11.2019

Venue: Masters Bookstore, ТД Пассаж

Alina Glazoun’s solo exhibition “Little bird sings about love and death” took place in the Masters Bookstore and Passage.

The project consists of two parts: the first is represented by a series of banners located under the arches of the Passage at the central gallery; the second is a small exhibition of new works by the artist in the Masters Bookstore.

Contrary to the usual idea of the banners the artist’s banners asks the viewer with non-obvious statements and questions that looks like Pythian predictions. We recommend you to start watching the exhibition situated at the central gallery of the Passage from Nevsky prospect (and move towards the Italian street), because the placement of banners is explained be the some ghostly semantic logic.

The exhibition of objects by Alina Glazoun in the Masters Bookstore demonstrates the key directions of the author’s creativity: work with found phrases (words) and found objects, the use of materials with excessive visuals, and continuation of the Dadaist tradition of working with images and texts.

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