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Katya Isaeva at the exhibition "Myths"

19.10.2022 – 30.11.2022

Venue: Izmailovo Gallery. Izmailovsky Ave., 4

Curator: Alena Reicher

Participants: Katya Isaeva

A group project dedicated to myths and their coexistence in the cultural and semantic space has opened in the Izmailovo Gallery. Curator Alena Reicher focused on traditional myths - cosmogonic, calendar cycle, heroic - and their transformation into the reality of the XXI century.

The exhibition features a panel by Katya Isaeva "What if God was one of us?". The work is based on Antonio Tempest's engraving "God Who Creates Animals", where God descends to earth in a swirling cloud and blesses the newly created animals. Katya adds lines from Joan Osborne's song "What if God was one of us?" to the scene. Animals ask this question. What would happen if God were not a man, but, say, a turtle? Or a horse?

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