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Leningrad Zero

02.03.2024 – 21.04.2024

Venue: Larets, MIRA Center. Suzdal, Slobodskaya str., 45

Curator: Andrei Hlobistin

Participants: Vadim Mikhailov

The exhibition «Leningrad Zero» was opened on the experimental exhibition platform «Larets», where modern art enters into dialogue with artifacts of the past. «Leningrad Zero» is an exhibition-research uniting more than 180 works of art group New artists in different media: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography.
What is «Leningrad Zero»? In 1982 friends Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov, who became bored and cramped in the ranks of nonconformist artists, announced a hole in the stand at the exhibition «Zero-object». Their actions caused a jolly scandal with representatives of the protest movement, who feared that the exposition would be closed due to young hooligans. The theme of zeroing everything became popular among the young bohemians for next years. A whole «Zero-culture» emerged: «Zero-music» and performing it «Zero-orchestra», «Zero-ballet», «Zero-theory», «Zero-literature».
Curator Andrei Hlobistin about the exhibition:
«Our exhibition shows not so much the «new movement» as its plume, similar to the tail of a passing comet. «New artists» and neo-academicians were innovators, who created unprecedented types and genres of creativity: homemade books, alternative fashion, parallel cinema, fantastic musical instruments, video art and digital art. In general, they have created a new way of life without the usual limitations of time and space. In this era, art, combining traditional and newest forms and genres, loses its essence. For demonstrating it we refer to the archival principles identified by historical and cultural museums in the 1920-1930’s. At a time when the exhibition combines artistic, anthropological objects and documents, and museology returns to its source - to a kunstkamera as a collection of wonders and curiosity.»
Vadim Mikhailov, who sympathizes with the art of «New Artists», created «Homage to Ivan Sotnikov» especially for the exhibition.

Photo: The press service of the MIRA Center

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