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Liza Bobkova and Katya Isaeva on exhibition "The Great Void"

22.12.2022 – 04.06.2023

Venue: Ruarts Foundation, Moscow. Trubnikovskiy per. 6

Curator: Anna Zhurba

Participants: Liza Bobkova, Katya Isaeva

New exhibition with participation of Liza Bobkova and Katya Isaeva opened in the Ruarts Foundation. 

Works by 26 Russian artists were selected for the "The Great Void" project. This exhibition explores the theme of emptiness as an absence, or as an inexhaustible opportunity.

Katya Isaeva created an installation from old bird cages and archival records of the Ornithological Department of Cornell University. The work "Morning Choir" is inspired by the bird corner of the Tao Dan Park where locals bring their songbirds in cages so that they can learn new trills. At the same time, Katya uses recordings of the singing of extinct birds, whose trills can no longer be heard in nature.

Liza Bobkova's video "I am here" you could see at her exhibition "presence detection methods. a manual for invisibled" in our gallery. It's the performance documentation, where the artist was trying to say something to an interlocutor who was not there. The video unfolded almost in an abstract space (like in a VR or a chat). Liza experienced interlocutor presence and talks to him, hoping to overcome lack of understanding and distance.

Photo: Ruarts Foundation

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