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Liza Bobkova in the Matyushin House

13.10.2022 – 20.11.2022

Venue: Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-Garde ( Matyushin House). Professor Popov st., 10

Curator: Daria Boldyreva, Nicolas Audureau

Participants: Liza Bobkova

Recently NCCA St. Petersburg presented the project "Living With Art" - four exhibitions in four houses-museums and workshops of St. Petersburg. Young artists build an intellectual dialogue with famous St. Petersburg residents of the past in their personal space.

One of such projects is the "Restoration of Time" by Liza Bobkova in the Matyushin House. Liza focuses on the memories of the artist and poet Elena Guro, pays tribute to the person who helped geniuses gather in this house.

Liza created three metal sculptures based on interconnected thin brass rings. One of them rests on a line from Elena Guro's poem "Evening": "A true heart can know."

The artist suggests to think about the problem of memory through imperceptible influences: she integrated into the historical interior small brass ingots ("Toys of Underground Children") and an album of drawings in the windows with futurists' books.

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