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23.10.2020 – 31.10.2020

Curator: Anna Zavediy

Participants: Elizaveta Berkutova, Vitaliy Datchenko, Karina Drachyova, Elena Isho, Veronika Ivashkevich, Nadezhda Kazakovtceva, Maria Larionova, Mikhail Pershko, Anastasia Shensnevich, David Skvortcov, Alina Utrobina

To visit the exhibition, you must sign up for a free session.
A group of up to 4 people can go in one session.


The "Lurkmoar" project will present the works of 11 finalists of the Stieglitz Young competition in the Open Call category initiated by the MYTH Gallery and the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Industry.

In Internet slang, the expression lurkmoar (consonant with "look more") is an instruction to beginners from experienced users. Irritated by the same type of questions from "noobs", old-timers encourage them to educate themselves by searching for answers on the Internet.

Passing the stage of lurkmoar, the user performs the initiation rite, gains experience, and becomes a full-fledged member of the Internet community. This network slang gave its name to the Russian Wikipedia alternative – Lurkmore – the "encyclopedia of modern culture, folklore, and subcultures, as well as everything else." The history of this website, as well as its content, is full of freedom, humor, and a rebellious spirit. This is how we want to see young Russian art.

It is hard to say whether «Lurkmoar» will become a sensational exhibition, captured in Wikipedia, or a scandal worthy of Lurkmore. It depends on the artists.

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