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Lyudmila Baronina in the Nakovalnya gallery

15.02.2023 – 31.03.2023

Venue: Nakovalnya gallery, Moscow. Prechistenskaya embankment, 17-19

Curator: Nadia Oktyabr, Maria Stepicheva

Participants: Lyudmila Baronina

The group exhibition "This Night" is constructed as fragments of different stories in which reality is mixed with dreams. The project participants tell their "night" stories interweaving dreamlike images and addressing the feeling of loneliness, vulnerability and unreality of what is happening.

Lyudmila Baronina's textile work "Let Me In" (2017) refers to a fantasy lost city, which is accessible by invitation only. The title contains not only curiosity about the new world, but also an attempt to find shelter there.

The artist's object can be considered as a standart of this imaginary society. By transferring the symbol of a fictional space into the expositional space, the author invites you to look beyond the edge of the wallpaper on the wall, seeing a new world in everyday life.

Photo: Nakovalnya gallery

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