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23.05.2023 – 18.07.2023

Venue: Moscow space of bureau "MOX". Staromonetnyi per, 12

Participants: Liza Bobkova, Nikita Seleznev, Petr Kirusha, Ulyana Podkorytova

On May 23, MYTH Gallery and the Moscow space of the bureau "MOX: Nature, Gardens, Culture" will present a joint project – a group exhibition by Liяa Bobkova, Petr Kirusha, Ulyana Podkorytova and Nikita Seleznev.

The exhibition will combine works that touch on the problem of the fragility of the natural world, artistic gesture and memory, and, at the same time, the possibility of turning this fragility into an obsessive image that haunts even behind closed eyes.

Liza Bobkova will be presented with graphics from her project "Gesture Slightly Stuck" for the Stieglitz Academy Museum, which was devoted to reflections on the nature of artistic practice and the loss of the artist's potency in the monotony of work. In addition to this series, there will be Liza's brass sculptures "Toys of the Underground Children" – golden mini-monuments melting down traumatic memories.

Several series of Nikita Seleznev will be placed in the interior of the bureau at once – the graphic series "Last Flowers", which has never been exhibited anywhere before and inspired by the fate of the American poet Sylvia Plath. This series is a kind of requiem for a passing life, an attempt to preserve and fix the fragility of a rapidly fading flower. Nikita's objects from the "Shaving ер Christ" project, created during his residence at the Ria Keburia Foundation (Georgia), will also be at the exhibition. Shaving the hair is associated simultaneously with loss and with the desire for freedom.

Among the works of Petr Kirusha in the exhibition will be paintings and graphic works made by a new method for the artist. He depicts a moment seen in the past and fills the gaps between the movements with ripples, which makes it difficult to see the drawing and creates the illusion of two pictorial planes.

Finally, the exhibition will feature ceramic objects by Ulyana Podkorytova, playing up the image of the Russian maiden's braid – the artist's "obsession". These braids appear in her ceramic and wooden sculptures, in graphics, paintings, video art and performances. What happens if you constantly reproduce braids in different materials? Will the sacralization of an obsession help overcome an obsessive state?


Moscow Bureau "MOХ: nature, gardens, culture" is a multifunctional space with an office, a gallery of contemporary art, a floral workshop, a mini-library and concept store. In addition to the main area for architects and designers of the MOХ landscape bureau – with a reception and a meeting room – there is a flower workshop in the space under the supervision of art florist Polina Chentsova, a library and a bookstore with a selection of publications on botanical themes and a concept store with accessories for home and garden. The space hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists and events from workshops on floristry to lectures on landscape architecture, cinema and fashion.

Photo: Varvara Toplennikova

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