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Oscillation period (The Start project)

01.01.2016 – 31.12.2016

Venue: ЦСИ Винзавод, Москва, Россия

The third exhibition of the 2015/16 season presents two mediums that are inextricably linked to each other: static and dynamic. Graphics goes beyond the sheet and rushes into space. Point, line, arc − graphic objects exist in constant motion, creating a broken rhythm.

The author is in a meditative vacuum of ringing emptiness, but this emptiness is only an optical illusion. Every millimeter of physical space is filled with metadata – invisible wave radiation. Artist Lisa Bobkova tries to give him materiality, visualizing the invisible world and embedding it in the field of human perception.

Radio, television, and now the Internet create information flows, continuously moving at ultra-high speed. This dictates a certain rate of consumption of information, to catch and visualize that in all diversity is possible only with the help of lines on the plane specified by the standard coordinate system. Diagrams, graphs, diagrams are a quasi-scientific way of structuring a huge data flow.

Using paper, bronze and steel, Lisa Bobkova goes further and turns the analysis of information into material objects, allowing them to capture space and declare their existence, to go beyond the plane, to become a visual and tangible signal that the artist retransmits in his author’s manner. The exhibition presents paper graphics made with ink and pen; etching on metal plates covered with patina, as well as sculptures made of steel rod.

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