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State of Disaster

14.06.2022 – 19.06.2022

Venue: Centre Point. Im Lohnhov 8, Basel, Switzerland

Curator: Pavel Kovalenko

Participants: Liza Bobkova

The exhibition of Liza Bobkova and Irina Petrakova "State of disaster" has opened in Basel. For the project, Liza has prepared three textile works and a series of graphics that are exhibited inside and outside the Centre Point space.

"Black flags are fabrics on which drawings are drawn with chlorine. These attributes of the militant patriarchy are covered with a chronicle of the horror and suffering that people have committed under their auspices."

One of the "flags" is displayed on the street and is called "Bleach all of your darkness into the one white flag". The exhibition will only be open for a few days, so if you are in Basel, be sure to have time to see it!

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