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First GROUND Biennale. Textiles in contemporary art

29.02.2024 – 09.05.2024

Venue: GROUND SOLYANKA. Moscow, Solyanka str. ½ p. 2

Participants: Alina Glazoun, Katya Isaeva, Vadim Mikhailov

In 2024, the gallery-workshop GROUND Solyanka holds the 1st GROUND Biennale. Every GROUND Biennale plans to dedicate a theme that fully reflects new current trends in contemporary art. This year it’s textile. What yesterday seemed to be purely applied art, in today’s artistic practices comes to the fore - textiles as media have spread in installations, sculptures, site-specific objects, street art, performances. The two floors of the GROUND Solyanka Gallery-Workshop are dedicated to demonstrating the possibilities and role of textiles in the works of contemporary artists.

The word textile is derived from textere (lat.) which means «weaving, intertwining». The term «fabric of life» has long been used to refer to the whole living world. Interweaving, connections, associations are impossible in an extratemporal context. The 1st GROUND Biennial dedicated to the threads that bind us together and, regardless of location, unite art and in the name of art.

In the process of researching the relationship between textiles and modern art youcan find preserved clothes with the remains of Vadim Mikhailov, singing the medieval Katya Isaeva arras, neo-Dadamist pop sculpture of Alina Glazun and other works.

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