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Ulyana Podkorytova. There is no road here!

11.05.2023 – 17.06.2023

Venue: XL Gallery. 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy Pereulok, 1, Moscow

Participants: Ulyana Podkorytova

Ulyana Podkorytova's exhibition opened at XL Gallery

At the exhibition "There is no road here", the viewer gets into a glade, and is forced to decide what to do if his car gets stuck in the forest.

"There is simply no road here! For a whole year now!" – this inscription on a homemade sign greets drivers on one of the Russian roads leading from Moscow to the village of N. They claim that the asphalt cracked literally in a year. The most deplorable area is a clearing near a large lake. It's easy enough to get here, but to leave…
We recommend using the Moskvich application.Taxi, it's easy to understand where your driver is: just follow the car on the map. But if you are standing among birches, near a swamp, or just moved away from the point set in the application, the taxi driver may need clarification. Therefore, we gave users the opportunity to order a photo wallpaper with a view of the forest and immerse themselves in the misadventures surrounded by wildlife right at home.

Ulyana Podkorytova


Photo: Pavel Smirnov

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