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Lyudmila Baronina. In the Kingdom of crooked Mirrors

19.04.2024 – 24.05.2024

Participants: Lyudmila Baronina

«In the Kingdom of crooked Mirrors» is an exhibition where the reflection of the world and its events passes through the prism of a separate observer. To the viewer will open a picture made by someone else but inviting him to enter and become a part of it. Living through random situations, the spectator will walk through a corridor of evaluative actions and reactions.

Lyudmila Baronina is ironic about human vices, constructing alternative worlds with her own mythology of modernity in her works. This exhibition will not be an exception. The graphic works and expanded panels presented at the exhibition were based on the stories of recent events. Images of these events have been reworked and now tell their own story. A variety of fabric textures, like kaleidoscope, collects colorful shiny shards together. The scattered fragments, which have acquired different integrity, give us the opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and invite us «to the Kingdom of crooked mirrors».

Photo: Lyudmila Byrchenkova

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