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Vadim Mikhailov and Nikita Seleznev at the ART4 Museum

18.01.2022 – 17.02.2022

Venue: Museum ART4

Curator: Alxander Burenkov

Participants: Nikita Seleznev, Vadim Mikhailov

On January 18, the ART4 Museum opened a group exhibition "In the Dust of this Planet", which was attended by Vadim Mikhailov and Nikita Seleznev.

Curator Alexander Burenkov writes: "The participants of the exhibition are united by an appeal to the inhuman, technological, paganism, quasi-ritualism, mysticism, Internet subcultures. This is explained by the search for tools to express the inexpressible "sublime horror" of reality, in which the sunset of the human world is manifested and the first flashes of the dawn of the world-without-us are visible."

The exhibition includes several works by Vadim Mikhailov ("Gorynych The Snake", "Age of Consent", "Age of Consent 2" 2021) and the sculpture "Toy" (2021) by Nikita Seleznev.

Three works by Vadim Mikhailov were created on the basis of tablecloths specially for the exhibition. Compositionally, they are very similar — the figure of the monster in the center is sandwiched between thorny plants at the edges. The appearance of the monsters is inspired by the artist's childhood memories of carpets with deer hanging in many Soviet bedrooms. In Vadim's imagination, scenes with deer at a mountain lake transformed into scenes of collisions of mythical creatures.

Nikita Seleznev presented the sculpture "Toy" for the first time at the Archstoy-2021. The work appeared as a result of thinking about death as a personal necessity and the difficulties of discussing this topic. The figure resembles a child's toy (more precisely, fragments of a toy body), and its plastic refers to the tombstone of Viktor Borisov-Musatov.

You can visit the exhibition until February 17.

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