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Vadim Mikhailov at the exhibition about the ambiguous image of an angel

27.04.2022 – 26.05.2022

Venue: Office bar "Tsentsiper". Krivokolenny, 9, build. 3

Curator: Marina Anciperova

Participants: Vadim Mikhailov

In the space of the office bar Krivokolenny 9c3, curator Marina Anciperova collected works by young artists created over the past two months.

Their central image is an angel "as the embodiment of hope, a witness of exile from paradise and the point of no return, the loss of freedom, the embodiment of extreme existential despair, which is difficult to find words for" Marina Anciperova

In Vadim's work, an angel with a fiery sword witnessed the expulsion of their paradise. The work is done on a wall carpet, in a characteristic sgraffito technique. The drawing appeared in the process of the artist's work with Old Believer splints and Christian tradition. The very plot of "Exile from Paradise" is more relevant today than ever.

The exhibition "Everything is fine, but angels are needed to soar in the sky and say the right things" was created with the support of the "Objedinenie" project.

Photo: Varvara Toplennikova

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