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Vadim Mikhailov at the exhibition in the Kuryokhin Center

20.05.2022 – 01.08.2022

Venue: Kuryokhin Center. Ligovsky av., 73

Participants: Vadim Mikhailov

In the Kuryokhin Center Taking place an exhibition "Wood to Art. The resistance of the material".

This is a group project about the metamorphoses of wood as a material. "Modern artists continue to explore its architectonics, creating a thing-image, a thing-story out of an everyday unambiguous thing. Moreover, the story is very personal – a personal story of relationships with the material, no less exciting and eventful than the story of the material itself."

The joint work of Vadim Mikhailov and Fedor Hiroshige "Yes, yes, but yes, yes" (2018) combines the characteristic techniques of the two artists – scratching the image on a layer of gesso and oil and burning on wood.

Learn more about an exhibition here.


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