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Vadim Mikhailov. It's reverse

28.09.2022 – 31.01.2023

Venue: Museum of cotemporary art PERMM. 24 Gagarin Boulevard, Perm

Curator: Lizaveta Matveeva

Participants: Vadim Mikhailov

"It's reverse" is the project that we've been preparing for a few months and have been waiting for.

Today the first museum exhibition of Vadim Mikhailov opens in the Museum of contemporary art PERMM. Our friend and curator Lizaveta Matveeva created the concept of the inside-out world that gets into ours through the works of Vadim (referring to the "Stranger Things" series). The project includes objects created over the past three years, both new and from private collections. Exhibition is built in the form of a gloomy maze, where you choose your own route and hence the sequence of meetings with entities.

Lizaveta Matveeva

Photo: Museum of cotemporary art PERMM

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