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I have already been here

04.09.2020 – 15.10.2020

Visiting the exhibition is possible only by appointment.

in my restless dreams I see that city.

I've already been here. the fog of war turned into the sand of a sanatorium beach, cold and deserted. the joy of recognition was replaced by the anxiety of déjà vu. but after the commotion

circles on the water became the smooth surface of the gravestones of stone faces. of faces who have become normal.

fragments of memories are gradually being erased, distorted, streaking in front of the eyes. flashes of memory are like storms in the sun. what has recently been seen as a bright spot becomes negative. thus, memory is colorless. photographs of days are destroyed along with the past. and pictures appear on the ruins – memories of memories. blurred silhouettes, pieces of interiors, dynamics of angular movements return from oblivion.

childhood - the space of angles: geometric; those in which you are staying guilty; cramped changing cabins, whose cold metal shed the fragile skin of khaki colors. but the angle does not necessarily remain a fixed space. time-loop roller coaster that has become infinity. reiteration.

this place looks like someone's memory of the city, and it gradually fades. a memory collected from late Soviet films, a monochrome row of panel houses, a visual row of suburban songs, and interactive projects set in gray landscapes. they all turn their gaze to the time that has become lost. I've already been here, even if I don't exist.

many centuries ago, the prince of a distant land believed - most people believe that time is like a river. but time is sand slipping through your fingers. the sand of that cold sanatorium beach.

fire, haze, primordial sight. footsteps fire sounds. I was already here, at that moment when the goal is close, but unattainable due to a program error or the seeker's carelessness. and these steps from corner to corner, repeated over and over. and the sand left in the shoes will remind you of that day, and everything will turn to old age. coal will remain from the corner. black snow will freeze on the leaves of artificial palm trees.

But nothing happens. I've already been here.

Evgeniy Kuzmichev

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