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Alina Glazoun “Little bird sings about love and death”


Location: Masters Bookstore, Passage

Dates: 15.11.2019 – 27.11.2019

During the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, Masters Bookstore, MYTH gallery and Passage will present Alina Glazoun’s project “Little bird sings about love and death”. It consists of two parts: the first is represented by a small exhibition in the Masters Bookstore, the second – by a series of banners in the Passage.

The bookstore was chosen as a platform not by chance: one of the main vectors of Alina Glazoun’s artistic practice is the work with texts. The artist turns phrases found in newspapers into a ready-made, uses children’s magnetic alphabet and chips from the Scrabble. Getting into Alina’s objects and installations, words are free from their fixed meaning and begin to function as a Rorschach test in psychology.

From under the Passage arches, the viewer is challenged by bright banners. “Rrr-rr-rr?”- asks the tiger from a huge canvas. The form of a banner is usually used to manifest a particular position. Alina Glazoun’s slogans rather resemble vague Pythian predictions or poetic experiments of the dadaists.

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