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Antonina Baever and Alexandra Paperno at the 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art


Location: https://www.notspinning.world/

Dates: 03.11.2020 – 06.12.2020

Antonina Baever and Alexandra Paperno took part in the 2nd Triennial of Contemporary Art.

This year, the participants of the previous Triennial are forming the list of participants in the 2020 exhibition. Among them - Antonina Baever, who recommended the artist Arnold Weber with the installation "Slivers", and Alexandra Paperno, who proposed Anna Kotomina's research project "Chair of the Mother's Ball".

Arnold Weber documents the life of Moscow youth as an insider. His installation "Slivers" immerses in a panorama of video fragments that cause a feeling of intoxication with youth. The beauty of youth is tautological, and any attempts to impose morality on it only make the cheeks brighter or the pupils wider.

The project of the social historian of culture Anna Kotomina is devoted to the study of the intertwining of lives and creative strategies of two artists - Petersburger Alexander Borisov and Nenets Tyko Vylka.

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