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Egor Fedorichev received a special prize of the Zverev Art Prize


Location: Москва, ЦСИ Винзавод

Dates: 15.11.2021 – 15.11.2021

On 15.11, the Zverev Art Prize was presented in an online format.

Egor Fedorichev received a special cash prize from the partner of the Award of GV Gold. We are proud of the success of our authors!

In addition to Egor Fedorichev, the special prize also received:

* Elizaveta Plavinskaya
* Alexander Morozov
* Alexander Kutovoy
* Ekaterina Muravyeva

The recording of the online broadcast can be viewed at the link.

Have time to visit the exhibition of the Zverev Award nominees before 28.11 in the Large Wine Storage of the ССA Winzavod

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