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Anna Afonina, together with art group "Vorojeya", won the Audi Born-Digital Award 2021


Audi Russia together with Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art are pleased to announce the Audi Born-Digital Award 2021
winner! It is "Vorozheya" art group with their project "Safari Verucca"!

The "Safari Verucca" project is an invitation to enter a journey across an undeveloped imaginary planet with splendid nacreous landscapes inhabited by unique flora and fauna.
The project is a speculative startup that invites experience-hungry travellers to join a guided tour of a fictional, untouched planet.

The project will be displayed in the innovative space of Audi City Moscow on the eve of the 9th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, as well as on Cosmoscow Foundation website.

The art group consists of the artists: Anna Afonina, Valeria Ghrai, Nastya Korotkova, Maria Romanova.

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