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Liza Bobkova. I see a catastrophe all the time a sleep


Location: Iragui. Moscow, Malaya Polyanka 7-5

Dates: 20.01.2021 – 19.03.2021

The exhibition "I see a catastrophe all the time I sleep" became the first joint project between MYTH Gallery and Iragui. The project of Liza Bobkova encompasses the entire space of the gallery, turning it into a total installation of 16 steel spheres with sand painted in a poisonous pink color inside.

Liza Bobkova:
"This is a huge daily work: bending on a stainless steel machine rolling, ring welding, hand-painted sand –tons of quartz sand with toxic dyes. Week after week. The duration of the process for me is an integral part of the result. But no matter how difficult the work was, no one should see what it costs. It should seem that it is easy, like inhale and exhale."

To understand the exhibition, the artist created a small glossary:

Pink. It has evolved from the delicate shade of a cute baby dress to the most poisonous of all colors. It is the color of destruction, shame, violence. A form is set on the pink sand.

The ball is the only one of all the figures that is in constant motion, its self-renewal occurs without external efforts. This is the ideal of cyclicity. The repeatability of the silhouette makes the form filled with emptiness.

The artist creates something out of nothing every time.
A human being needs very little to live – a line drawing a circle. Circles gather into balls, the balls form a space.

It is a sign of destruction, followed by a new cycle of all things. End – inevitably – denoting the beginning. A catastrophe is a form of refraction of the old way of life. Abandoning the old, a person produces a new space.

Iragui. Moscow, Malaya Polyanka 7-5

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