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Les nouveaux riches magazine. "MYTH gallery. Till next time Piter"


Les nouveaux riches magazine published an article about the Myth gallery "MYTH gallery. Till next time Piter".

The material is dedicated to the gallery's booth at the viennacontemporary art-fair and Anna Afonina's current exhibition "I have already been here". Author Erka Shalari notes the professional curatorial work, emphasizing "you feel like you've been to three solo shows". 

Let us recall that from September 24 to 27, Vienna hosted the international contemporary art fair viennacontemporary, where the MYTH gallery exhibited works by Liza Bobkova, Anna Afonina and Alina Glazoun.

Liza Bobkova presented a series of small porcelain plaques with ink drawings and several watercolors with Russian names that "made you think". Anna Afonina's works from the project "I have already been here", made with oil and fluorescent markers, reminded memories of childhood and dreams. Alina Glazoun created objects specifically "blessing plates" with the words Deep, Angst, Magic Position, etc.

You can read more about the MYTH booth and exhibition of Anna Afonina, as seen by Erka Shalari, here.

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