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Nikita Seleznev at the Archstoyanie


Location: Арт-парк Никола-Ленивец. Калужская область

Dates: 23.07.2021 – 25.07.2021

On July 23, Archstoyanie-2021 opened in Nikola-Lenivets. This year, the festival addresses the phenomenon of the personal and how does it change during the pandemic. 
Nikita Seleznev, one of the participants of the festival, prepared the sculpture "Toy", which came from trying to think of death as a personal necessity and the difficulties of discussing it. 
The work lying on the floor resembles a child's toy or a primitive sculpture. The plastic refers to the tombstone of Viktor Borisov-Musatov, made by the sculptor Alexander Matveev. Unlike Matveev's sculpture, Nikita Seleznev's work doesn't represent the figure of a boy, but fragments of a toy body. The appeal to the childish, artificial, creates the tension necessary for artwork. 

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. Kaluga Region

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