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New video-project “ХХ:ХХ” by Evgeniy Gavrilov


Location: dyadandthesleepers.club

“XX:XX” is the new project of Evgeniy Gavrilov and Peter Zherebtsov, according to which every new episode of the author’s series appears every 20th day at 20:20.

The idea was born out of a struggle with the author’s own perfectionism and a desire to stop procrastination. After shooting the video for Evgeniy Gavrilov’s track “Melt”, the post-production period stretched for a whole year. Then the idea of “XX:XX” project with shorter deadlines appears.

The project is based on improvisation, Evgeniy does not develop a scenario plan in advance — often everything is born on the spot, but some plot relationship between the parts is definitely attending. Everything is created within a month: both music and videos. Each episode is somehow connected with what is happening in the life of Evgeniy, many episodes were shot in the subway.

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