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Opening of Vera Martynov's new exhibition project "They Would Fall, They Would See" at Richter


Dates: 15.07.2021 – 15.07.2021

On July 15, Richter hosted the opening of Vera Martynov's new exhibition project "They Would Fall, They Would See" – the third joint project between Richter and MYTH Gallery (St. Petersburg).

In the Richter yard, the artist presented the huge six meters installation made of fabric named "They Would Fall, They Would Say", created for the exhibition. 

In the public spaces of Richter, Vera Martynov presented paintings and sculptures from the personal project "Song of Songs", held in November-December 2020 at MYTH, and a new neon installation. During the cooperation with the Imperial Porcelain Factory, the artist painted five porcelain dishes, that embody the images of a ringing and heavy sleep. These pieces will be shown in addition to the objects from the "Song of Songs".

Irina Shulzhenko, curator:
«Landscape occupies a special place in the text of «Song of Songs». In the project of Vera Martynov, a poetic outlook with detailed descriptions of flora and fauna, the changing seasons and architectural sketches finds material embodiment. In the composition of paints - pigments - red Pompeian ground, burnt sienna, natural umber, ocher, egg yolks and dry white wine. Picturesque views here, as well as in «Song of Songs», are not so much a «background for the face» as an equivalent component of the overall picture of a beautiful and disturbing world.»

At the opening, the composer Alexey Sysoev presented an improvisation performance.

Curator: Irina Shulzhenko

The project was prepared by MYTH Gallery specifically for Richter
Richter. Moscow, Pyatnitskaya St. 42 

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