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Nikita Seleznev's personal catalogue


Location: MYTH Gallery

Nikita Seleznev's personal catalogue includes his main projects of 2018-2021 years

The issue is accomplished with several essays written by Clayton Press (author at Forbes and professor at New York University) and Iaroslav Volovod (curator at Garage museum). We've worked on the issue a while. Our colleagues at  Galerie Buchholz and David Zwirner and Xavier Huftkens Gallery also took part in the preparation.

Authors of the texts: Alexander Burenkov, Gleb Ershov, Tatiana Kirianova, Alexey Maslyaev, Anna Zavediy

Translators of the texts: Sasha Zubritskaya and Nikita Safronov, Vera Makogonenko

Photos: Vladimir Abikh, Daria Dobrovolskaya, Ivan Erofeev, Oleg Kamenskyh, Kerry McFate, Yury Palmin, Dmitriy Ptytsin

Design: Misha Shumareu

Corrector: Evgeniya Kimskaya

Editors: Daria Dobrovolskaya, Irina Litvinova

Special thanks to: Grigory Baluev, Marina Karpova

Рус/Eng, 136 pages
Format 174х242 mm.
Circulation 300 copies

Catalogue can be purchased in the gallery. The price is 700 rub.

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