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Works by Petr Kirusha in the Zuzeum collection


Location: Zuzeum, st. Lacplesa, 101 Riga,

Dates: 14.12.2023 – 30.12.2023

We are pleased to announce that the works of our artist Petr Kirusha have become part of the Zuzeum collection!

Zuzeum is known in the world as an art center founded in 2020, where the collection of philanthropist Jānis Zuzāns is kept. Initially, the Zuzāns Collection focused on Latvian art and is now the largest private collection in the world. But over time, the acquisition of international contemporary art has become a major focus as part of the expansion of the collection.

The works of Petr Kirusha included in the collection were exhibited by the artist at the Zandele fair, which is being held by the art center for the third time.

Petr's paintings are not the first works of our artists in the collection: the works of Egor Fedorichev from the series "Mute Blaze" became part of the Zuzāns Collection in 2022.

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