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Exhibition by Nikita Seleznev in the Victoria Gallery (Samara)


Location: Victoria gallery, Samara

On August 20, the Victoria gallery opens a solo exhibition "Suburbia" by Nikita Seleznev.

The project focuses on the process of urbanization of areas located in the big cities suburbs. Since the beginning of the 2000s, in addition to the usual arrays of multi-storey buildings, low-rise buildings began to appear in these territories: townhouses and cottages, united into small villages and focusing on American architectural samples. Their designation - "suburbia", which gave the name to the whole project, also moved from English to Russian.

Nikita Seleznev explores these new territories, often cut off from the urban infrastructure, with video and sculpture. The borderline space of "suburbia" becomes a metaphor, within which the artist examines the role of an object in contemporary culture and how it becomes a part of contemporary artistic language. At the same time, the starting point becomes both well-known images of mass culture: films by Quentin Tarantino or Danny Boyle, and also traditional sculpture, which the artist connects with a contemporary context.



Victoria gallery. 2 Nekrasovskaya St., Samara 


Nikita Seleznev (b. Perm, 1990) studied at the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in the class of sculpture, which represents his main area of interest.

Exploring materiality, the artist works with traditional sculptural materials (clay and concrete), as well as found objects (textiles, metal, plastic and composite materials). In his sculptural installations, he often combines hand-made or 3D-printed objects with sound and video, emphasizing the sensory perception of the work.

In his latest project, Karate Poetry (MYTH Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2020), the artist examines the formation of a new visual culture within online communities and the transition of a tangible or intangible object (such as language or expression) into digital.

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