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APOC. End of the world every day

From April 28 to June 12, 2022, a group exhibition was held at the Triumph Gallery "APOC. End of the world every day".The gallery team has prepared a catalog for the exhibition, which contains several texts with reflections on the apocalypse, the role of this plot in art and our daily life.

Curators: Marina Bobyleva, Polina Mogilina, Alisa Prokhorova

Coordinator: Nikolay Molok Jnr

Architect: Alexandra Kristina Portilla Izmail

Texts: Marina Bobyleva, Polina Kotova, Valeriya Kosyakova, Alexey Zygmont

Editors: Artur Knyazev, Nail Farkhatdinov

Translator: Fedor Makhlayuk

Proofreaders: Artur Knyazev, Alexander Obrazumov

Photographer: Evgenia Zhulanova

Design, layout & Prepress: Anastasia Dymova


Edition 500. Printed at August Borg, Moscow.

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