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St. Petersburg: Svoyo Izdatelstvo. 2019

The collection Offline/Onlineis devoted to an exhibition held at the DK Gromov art space in St. Petersburg during the autumn of 2019. Offline/Online brought together more than two hundred pieces from more than a hundred artists from more than fifty private collections. Other events such as round table discussions, lectures and master classes were held in association with the exhibition. The exhibition Offline/Online traces the effect of new technologies on the development of art, the art of collecting, and on the relationship between the viewer and the art work. The works presented at the exhibition included a great deal of media art as well as pictorial works accompanied by augmented and virtual reality. Entirely ‘traditional’ pieces jostled against such instruments as virtual reality headsets and portals to augmented reality, while the exhibition corridors of DK Gromov served to transport viewers to the homes of private collections as presented in virtual space.

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