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MYTH Gallery presents the first catalog of Liza Bobkova.

A personal catalog is a significant stage in the artist's career. It not only allows to summarize and analyze previous projects but also clarifies the vector of further development.

The catalog covers the period of the work between two crucial projects by Liza Bobkova:
the debut personal exhibition "Period of hesitation" within the framework of the "Start" project (curated by Kirill Preobrazhensky, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow) in May 2016 and the personal project "Buffer Zone" at MYTH Gallery in September 2019.


Liza Bobkova. I think about restoration of time. — 2020 — 104 pages

ISBN 978-5-6044716-0-9

Size 170 х 240 mm

Print run 500 copies

Prepress, print management, printing: de20  www.de20.press

Liza Bobkova is a young but highly productive artist. Although she is still at the beginning of her career, she has already managed to make a number of visually striking and emotionally provocative projects, which we believe are important to record at this stage.

We are thrilled that Liza Bobkova has joined the MYTH Gallery team and we look forward to a long-lasting successful partnership with many memorable joint projects.

We fell in love with Liza’s work from the moment of her first exhibition at the gallery, “Look up, the sky is falling”, curated by Anna Zavedi. Her sculpture “If you were a friend to me...” marked the starting point for the entire project.

After the first visit to her workshop while the exhibition was still in the planning stages, we realized that this artist is “one of ours”: a beautiful, bright young woman full of boundless energy, who clearly sees the goal set before her. And what is most striking is her ease and professionalism when working with such difficult material.

Her eagerness and hard work can be safely called an obsession. Fortunately, it is imbued with creative power. Like many admirers of Liza's art, we were captivated by the high percentage of pure, sincere, authentic emotional investment in each of her works. The language of her art is so diverse and multifaceted that when you first see it, you immediately understand that you are facing a great artist.

If you are not yet familiar with the art of Bobkova, then this publication will immerse you in the endless depths of her inner world, where she turns to the viewer and says, “Can you hear yourself? Do you exist? Where are you now? Where are you going? ” She is primarily searching for an answer to her own personal questions.

Olga Profatilo, Yulia Vyatkina
founders of MYTH Gallery









"Liza Bobkova has made some of today’s most vexingly opaque issues — those of privacy and encryption — central to her multimedia debut exhibition at MYTH gallery. The space, which collector Yulia Vyatkina and gallerist Olga Profatilo opened in May of this year, promises to play a tutelary role in exhibiting emerging artists in a city that has long thirsted for more contemporary-art venues."

Christianna Bonin
Artforum, international magazine of art critics, NY, USA

‘‘Liza Bobkova belongs to the most important artists in St. Petersburg. She stands for a new generation of artists. Artistically risen in the cultural context of European Russia´s most significant cultural center, St. Petersburg, artistically strong, self-confident and enormously gifted. her sculptural and graphic works to me is dear and magical.’’

Simon Mraz
cultural attache of the Austrian Embassy in Russia,
Director of the Austrian cultural forum

Authors of the texts  Liza Bobkova, Christianna Bonin, Pavel Gerasimenko, Evgeniya Grant, Vladimir Dudchenko, Katarina Lopatkina, Ksenia Lukina, Simon Mraz, Kirill Preobrazhensky, Dima Filippov

Translator of the texts  Amy Krishnevsky

Photos  Liza Bobkova, Maxim Nesterov, Ivan Sorokin

Design  Darya Dobrovolskaya

Demonstrated works held in private collections of Ali Afifi, Evgeniya Grant, Denis Khimilyayne, Sergey Limonov, Maria Katz, Simon Mraz, Vera and Alexey Priyma, Anastasia Pronina, Yulia Vyatkina, Elizaveta Zinovieva and Contemporary art Foundation WINZAVOD

Lisa Bobkova's catalog is available for sale at MYTH Gallery, Podpisnie izdania and Masters Bookstore

The cost of one book is 700 rubles

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