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SUPERMARKET 2019. Exhibition Catalogue.

2019. Supermarket Art Fair Economic Association.
Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Nikita Seleznev, untitled, audio installation, 2018

Liza Bobkova, Alexander Sedelnikov, 'I hope nobody heard us', 2018

FFTN (fifteen) is a non-commercial art micro-space of 4.5 m2 in the center of Saint-Petersburg. It was launched in the end of 2017 by Irina Aksenova and Ilya Grishaev as a "room for happiness" which means a freedom of expression and tender support for artists and art workers. Since then the space has become one of the key art places of the city. FFTN presents from two to four projects every month. One of the frequent formats of work is an individual tour, when a visitor takes keys to a secret spot and enjoys the art in a private atmosphere. FFTN exhibits both young and well-established artists, hosts cultural events and works as a temporary shelter for art workers in need. 

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