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Katya Isaeva. Gorilla in rage

26.05.2022 – 06.08.2022

Curator: Anna Zhurba

Participants: Katya Isaeva

To visit the exhibition, you must purchase a ticket

  • full ticket – 200 ₽
  • reduced-fare (schoolchildren, students, pensioners) – 100 ₽
  • free (preschool children, residents of besieged Leningrad, disabled people of groups 1 and 2, members of large families)

When purchasing a discounted / free ticket, you will need to present a document confirming the right to the benefit.


On May 26 the gallery will present Karya Isaeva's personal exhibition "Gorilla on rage". The artist became the winner of the NOVA ART contest of projects by young artists 2021, having won the realization of her idea in the MYTH space. 

The artistic research – Katya Isaeva's favorite format of work – has gone from the rigor and accuracy of scientific knowledge to an attempt to rethink the coordinate system of human interaction with his "other" – the ape. The project is aimed at blurring of the distinctions and connecting scientific information with the field of emotional experience. Telling stories of simian tribes the artist also compels us to reflect on ourselves. After all, all, it is possible that the reduction of interspecific distance can lead to increase in empathy between people.

Objects made of textiles and porcelain, tapestries, photographs and videos build a unified narrative about the influence of the history of studying primates on the formation of stereotypes about them. "In the exhibition space, Katya Isaeva constantly challenges the viewer, offering a kind of exercise in recognizing the dead–alive, human–animal, because until we develop close attention and sincere interest in the "other", the stuffed animal and the animal are easily confused."

Anna Zhurba, curator

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