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Nastya Shensnevich. Natural History

26.01.2023 – 22.03.2023

Curator: Kirill Spasskov

Participants: Nastya Shensnevich

On January 26 MYTH Gallery will present the first personal exhibition of Anastasia Shensnevich "Natural History".

The project will include several artist's series, each reveals a certain facet of the natural world, its structure and cyclicity of its processes. How does the birds world work? What can we do in the field? What is a dovecote for a city person?

Installations, graphics and objects made of glass and metal create the impression of being at a natural history lesson in a local history museum, where the viewer can rediscover the laws of nature.The works at the exhibition are about an idyllic outdoor life, like a dream, about amazing peoplebirdmen – intermediaries between the human world and the world of birds.

MYTH Gallery has already collaborated with the artist during the exhibition of finalists of the Stieglitz Young competition (2021), the winner of which was she. Later, MYTH presented the works of Anastasia Shensnevich at its booth at the Cosmoscow art fair (2021).

Curated by Kirill Spasskov

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