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The Song of Songs

11.11.2020 – 30.12.2020

Curator: Irina Shulzhenko

Project "The Song of Songs" will be the first personal exhibition of Vera Martynov.

The exhibition will be a total installation created specifically for the MYTH gallery space and will combine painting, found objects, sculpture, photography and video. A special role in the project will be played by Vera Martynov's stage cantata "SOS" (The Song of Songs), which will be presented in video format.

Irina Shulzhenko, curator:

«Landscape occupies a special place in the text of «Song of Songs». In the project of Vera Martynov, a poetic outlook with detailed descriptions of flora and fauna, the changing seasons and architectural sketches finds material embodiment. In the composition of paints - pigments - red Pompeian ground, burnt sienna, natural umber, ocher, egg yolks, and dry white wine. Picturesque views here, as well as in «Song of Songs», are not so much a «background for the face» as an equivalent component of the overall picture of a beautiful and disturbing world.»

On November 17, the M. Baryshnikov Center for the Arts (New York) will host the premiere of the stage cantata «SOS» in digital format. The work was created by Vera Martynov together with the artistic director of the Intrada ensemble Ekaterina Antonenko and composer Alexei Sysoev. Originally conceived as a live performance, the stage cantata for 14 singers, two reciters, percussion, and telegraph key will be reinterpreted and digitally adapted.

A large-scale project in the MYTH gallery will unite the digital version of the SOS cantata, based on the Old Testament text of the 7th-1st centuries BC translated from the 17th century, video recordings of performances, project preparation documentation, and total installation.

From November 11 to 17 within the framework of the exhibition project «The Song of Songs» in MYTH Gallery will be shown video documentation of the work on the cantata, and from November 17 until the end of the exhibition - a digital version of the stage cantata "SOS".

Curator: Irina Shulzhenko
Exhibition partners: Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Delo design, wynwood hotel, Scena.rpo workshop, Baryshnikov Arts Center, MART Foundation  

The digital version of SOS was realized owing to the support of the MART Foundation and the Nonfiction.film documentary film platform.


Images for posting materials about the project are available via this link

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