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Portal. Petr Kirusha

10.06.2023 – 15.07.2023

Venue: AIKI Terrasa. St. Petersburg, Aptekarskaya nab., 18, 8th floor

Participants: Petr Kirusha

On June 10, Petr Kirusha's pop-up project "Portal", prepared by MYTH Gallery, opened in the AIKI Terrasa space.

The title work "The portal is closing 2", which gave the name to the exhibition, visualizes the prediction that being will never be the same. The artist sees this as a statement of the constant changes in our everyday life. In the work, the image of a room with a closing door is guessed, through which bright, but the last rays of light break through. In space, it is easy to distinguish mushrooms – a peculiar image for the author. They refer to the first land organisms that destroyed the stone in the course of their life and prepared fertile soil for all plant and animal diversity. It is the mushrooms, according to the artist's forecasts, that will survive in the finale of history.

The phenomenon of industrial, slightly post-apocalyptic landscapes, often appears in Petr's paintings and graphics. This reflects fantasy ideas about what will remain on earth after modern man. In one of the works, the artist depicts the hardly distinguishable space of a city gas station – the very artifact that may survive after our civilization, like the ancient Roman aqueducts and arenas.

Peter composes most of his works from images found in the social media feed, images from memory and imagination. He writes scenes that seem familiar, but in the end utopian in content. Some of the works were inspired by the aesthetics of generative video art, the techniques and visuals of which the artist borrows and transfers into the pictorial space.

In a new painting series created for the BAD+ fair in Bordeaux, Petr Kirusha turns to a new method – drawing a continuous line with serpentine movements, similar to auto-search. The artist depicts a moment seen in the past, and then fills in the gaps between the movements, creating a rippling effect like a large rain. The combination of colors and shapes evokes the feeling of a vibrating image and forms the illusion of two planes. The ripples make it difficult to see the drawing, come to the fore and create the illusion of the depth of space, which is not really there.


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